Spring 2018 Update From New Fleet 6 Captain Thom Hering

Greetings fellow J105 sailors,

As you know, Long Island Sound - Fleet 6, had our annual meeting last week at Harlem YC.

For those of you who could not attend, below is an outline of what we covered during the meeting, including some new announcements.

First we are pleased to announce your new,

Fleet 6 Officers:

Fleet Captain : Thom Hering - Trifecta

Fleet Treasurer: Richie Palmer - Tolo

Fleet Measure; Josh Burack - Peregrina

 On the national level, Fleet 6 is well represented with:

Class Vice President: Paul Beaudin  - loulou 

Class Secretary:  Peter Becker - Young American 

2018 Fleet Schedule:

There is one addition to the 2018 race schedule:

1.) American YC Spring Series - 4/28,29 5/5,6* 

2.) Race For The Case - Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club  - 5/19,20*

3.) Cedar Point YC One Design - 6/2,3* 

4.) Larchmont YC Race Week - 7/14,15 7/21,22*

5.) LIS Champs Riverside YC - 9/15,16*

6.) American YC Fall Series - 9/22,23 9/29,30*

7.) Manhasset Bay YC Fall Series - 10/13,14 10/20*

One regatta was added to the schedule this year - the “Race for the Case”, 5/19-20, which is held in the LIS area north of Huntington Bay, just east of Oyster Bay.

The Race for the Case, as the name suggests, has a case of Rum going to the fleet winner, and a bottle of Rum for each boat.  (But that’s not the only reason we added it this year.)

Here are the other reasons:

- the local fleet already has 4-5 boats,

- the date does not conflict with any other J105 regattas this year

- bang for buck!  $100 includes the post-race food & beer party at Huntington YC, and

- free mooring Saturday night at Huntington YC or Centerport YC

- optional housing available on a 1st come 1st served basis

More on that regatta will be sent out, but put it in the book.

Meanwhile, there are a total of 11 weekends of racing!

Fleet Championship Series:

This year there will be a formal LIS Season Championship, capped off by a season’s end Fleet 6 Dinner Party & Awards event.

Details will follow about scoring, but you will need to sail in at least 50% of weekends to qualify.

Low point scoring will be applied with your final position in each regatta used to score.

Regattas that are 2 weekends will have a double weighted score.

(All fleet events are classified level 2A and Fleet 6 junior weight exemptions apply.)

If you have any other thoughts about the Fleet Champs, please feel free to email the Fleet Capt.


In addition to our official schedule, you may want to consider these other events:

- Edlu Race Larchmont YC - 5/12 (with class and DH 105s)

- Manhattan Regatta - 6/23,24

- East Coast Championships Raritan YC Red Grant - 7/7,8

- Can One Thursday Night event (level 2B) with a one-design class start


Please pay your Class Dues ($75) and Fleet Dues ($65) ... both are the same as last year.

For the website to sign up, go to this link, which is the J105.org site, under Members.


Any other thoughts, feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the water.


Thom Hering, Fleet 6 Captain

Paul Beaudin, former Fleekt 6 Captain and National Class VP

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