J105 Fleet 6 – 2018 Season Wrap-Up

IMG_0740Greetings Fellow Fleet 6'ers!

A few weeks ago on November 10 , Fleet 6 had our final event of the year - the 2018 Awards Dinner at Harlem Yacht Club on City Island.

It was a great event that included a full menu and open bar. More importantly, it brought the fleet together in an easy social setting that everyone in attendance enjoyed.

Before presenting the awards we brought everyone up to date with Fleet 6 and J105 Class business, and recapped the season which is outlined below:

In 2018, Fleet 6 was strong and had:

  • 7 official regattas
  • 10 weekends of racing
  • 18 days of racing
  • 45 races
  • and 28 boats competed

Additionally, regarding our media and events:

  • We have our own public Fleet 6 Facebook page with 300 followers (which you should follow, too)
  • A private Fleet 6 Owners Facebook group (private, just for owners to seek feedback on anything J/105)
  • We have a robust Fleet 6 website which you should check occasionally for Fleet business and announcements.
  • And we had our first annual awards dinner in many years. (A big shout out goes to Max Kalehoff for doing so much heavy lifting behind the scenes.)

On the national Class level:

  • 2019 NA's will be in Marblehead
  • A new rule that allows a mast cleat on the mast for the spinnaker was passed.
  • A rule proposal requiring under-weight boats to place their corrector weights forward and aft of the bulkheads (as opposed to having them mid-ship, as is the current rule) was voted down by a narrow margin. That rule proposal will likely resurface in the near future.
  • And the big news is that Paul Beaudin was elected J105 Class President! He promised to make the J105 Class great again, and to build a wall.

For the awards segment of the dinner we started off with some "special recognition awards":

  • Welcome Aboard: to Jim Reichel for his recent purchase of hull #619, who will be racing out of Huntington Bay. (Jim was given a J105 battle flag)
  • Super Showing: for having attended 6 of the 7 regattas, and claims to still be happily married, we recognized Richie Palmer on Tolo.
  • Raven - 2018-10Fast Starter Award: a new boat owner in the fleet, Jason Barron, took the old Planet Claire, pimped her out into the new Raven, and not only won the MB Fall regatta with a string of bullets, but also has the best kick-ass graphic design on the Sound - congrats to his own family-owned Barron's Boatyard.
  • Youth Strong Award: this award goes to the boat that best encourages youth sailors coming up in our sport and class. LauraBea continually had multiple youths (yutes) ranging from 10-12 year olds, particularly Celeste and Julian Kalehoff, sailing in many regattas throughout the season.
  • Top Youth Boat: we felt it was appropriate to formally recognize Young American, for being the model on how to create and manage a Junior Sailing Big Boat program. Congrats to Peter Becker and crew, and American YC.
  • Big Blunder Awards: after observing a moment of silence for a long time local dark blue boat in our fleet no longer with us, we asked LauraBea and LouLou, with tongue in cheek to please explain how their keels found the rocks.

Following the Special Awards we got into the official 2018 Fleet 6 results. Fleet 6 scoring used a high-point percentage scoring system. Finishing positions for each of our 7 official regattas was used. The AYC Spring and Fall regattas were each double weighted because they were each 2 weekends, and because they are our largest attended regattas.
The top 5 finishers are below:

  1. Conundrum - Fleet Champion
  2. Trifecta - Runner-Up
  3. Revelation
  4. Arete
  5. Young American

Congrats to all, and especially to Jeremy Henderson, Harald Edegran and crew aboard Conundrum.

The 2018 total season scores are attached.

Before closing out Fleet 6 business for 2018, I want to remind everyone that it's time to register for Block Island Race Week. Payment is not required until March. Another tip is to make your ferry reservations very soon after the New Year. It's not always easy to get thru so be persistent. The J105 fleet will be docking at Paynes, (next to Mahagony Shoals, known for having the best Mudslides in all the land).

And finally, mark your calendars for Saturday morning, 2/2/19 ... we will have a Fleet 6 meeting on City Island to discuss 2019.

That's all I got for now. Try to attend the February 2 meeting, hope y'all have a great holiday.

Thom Hering
Fleet 6 Captain
#274 Trifecta

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