Welcome 2019 – J/105 Fleet 6 Update

Greetings J/105 Fleet 6 sailors,

Much to cover in this update, starting with the J/105 Fleet 6 annual meeting which was recently held at Harlem YC.

For those of you who could not attend, below is an outline of what we covered.

Fleet 6 Officers were elected as follows:

Fleet Captain : Thom Hering - Trifecta

Fleet Treasurer: Richie Palmer - Tolo

Fleet Measurers: Jason Barron - Raven & Josh Burack - Peregrina

Official Scorer: Dave Price

Max Kaleoff will continue to do a little bit of everything in between, including IT and Social Media.

On the national level, Fleet 6 is well represented with:

Class President: Paul Beaudin - loulou

Official 2019 Fleet Schedule:

  1. American YC Spring Series 2019 (Apr 27-28 & May 04-05) @ American Yacht Club
  2. Lloyd Harbor & Centerport YC’s Race for the Case (May 18-19) @ Lloyd Harbor
  3. 2019 Cedar Point One Design Regatta – (Jun 01-02) @ Cedar Point Yacht Club
  4. Larchmont YC Race Week – (Jul 13-14, 20-21) @ Larchmont Yacht Club
  5. LI Sound Champs – Storm Trysail Club & Riverside YC (Sep 14-15) @ Riverside
  6. 2019 American Yacht Club Fall Series (Sep 28-29, Oct 05-06) @ American Yacht Club
  7. Manhasset Bay YC Fall Series (First weekend only Oct date TBD) @ Manhasset Bay YC
  8. Fleet 6 Dinner Party & Awards (Nov 09)

This adds up to 10 weekends of racing.

Fleet Championship Series:

There will again be a Fleet 6 Season Championship, capped off by a season’s end Dinner Party & Awards event -- HOLD Nov 9.

To qualify you must sail in at least 51% of official regatta weekends.

Both AYC Spring & Fall regattas are 2 weekends and will have a double weighted score.

MBYC Fall regatta for Fleet 6 will only count the first weekend.

If you have any other thoughts about the Fleet Champ Series, please feel free to email the Fleet Capt.

In addition to our official Fleet 6 schedule there are other popular local regattas that attract J/105's. You should feel free to promote and communicate your intentions with other 105 owners - - use our Fleet 6 Facebook page.

All owners and crew should follow our page and refer to it for updates.

Same goes for checking up periodically on our award-winning Fleet 6 website.


Class Dues ($75) and Fleet Dues ($65) are due. Good news is they stay the same as last year.

Please go to the website and log in to renew and pay, or send a check to our treasurer:

Richie Palmer

724 S Columbus Ave

Mt Vernon, NY 10550-4717

Keep in mind you must pay your dues to be officially scored.

Block Island Race Week:

J/105 Class currently boasts of having the largest one-design fleet thus far at BIRW. Current number is 11 boats with more expected to sign up, Fleet 6 has 5 boats registered.

Most J/105's will be docking at Paynes.

Just a reminder there will be a crew weigh in.

Crew & Boat Weight:

Speaking of crew weight, in my last email I mentioned the Class is considering an increase (55 lbs) in max crew weight allowed, up to 1.100 lbs.

This was discussed at the Fleet meeting. In short, 90% of our fleet was not in favor of the rule change, feeling it would reduce the likelihood of women and or youth as crew on their boat. It is still TBD how the rest of the Class votes on this.

Additional discussion was also had about boats that are under weight and require corrector weights. Current rule allows the 400 lbs of corrector weights to be placed mid-ship, thus creating an advantage by reducing pitching motion in chop and waves. The fleet was unanimous in the recommendation that corrector weights should be more evenly distributed fore and aft (similar to J24 rules on weight placement).

That lead into the discussion that weight certificates in the Fleet should be updated. We will have access to a digital scale and possibly a hoist to weigh boats.

Please send me any feedback you have on this topic.

Only 2 months till AYC Spring!

See you all on the water.

- Thom Hering, Fleet 6 Captain, Trifecta #274

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