February 2020 J/105 Fleet 6 Annual Meeting Recap

Greetings Fellow J/105'ers,

LI Sound Fleet 6 held our annual meeting last Saturday, at Harlem YC.
I am pleased to report that the J/105 Class, as well as Fleet 6 remains in a very strong position. We continue to attract more boats than any other fleet in our regional regattas. Our numbers in general are steady.
We will again be running a colorful 1/2 page ad in the YRALIS annual magazine promoting Fleet 6. Our official events will also be listed in the YRA One Design schedule.
Below is a brief recap of the meeting, starting with the offical Fleet 6 schedule.

2020 Schedule (also updated on our events page):

  • 4/25-26 - AYC Spring
  • 5/2-3 - AYC Spring
  • 5/16-17 - Race for the Case, Lloyd Harbor YC
  • 5/30-31 - CPYC One-Design
  • 7/18-19 - Larchmont Race Week (2nd weekend only)
  • 9/19-20 - LI Sound Champs, STC/Riverside YC
  • 9/26-27 - AYC Fall
  • 10/3-4 AYC Fall (East Coast Champs)
  • 10/17-18 - MBYC Fall (TBD)

Other J/105 (unofficial) regattas in the area worthy of note are the following:

  • 6/13-14 - City Island Cup
  • 7/11-12 - Red Grant Regatta
  • 9/12-13 - Liberty Cup
  • 10/3 - Vanderbilt Cup @ Centerport YC

* If you are thinking of attending any of the above regattas, please register early - - you can always cancel with no cost.

  • Fleet 6 Scoring:
  • All the above official Fleet 6 regattas (9 weekends) will be counted towards the overall Fleet 6 Championship.
  • Each weekend will be scored as a stand alone. For example, if you can only attend 1 of 2 AYC Spring regatta weekends, it will hurt your AYC regatta score, but it will Not hurt your overall Fleet 6 score.
  • Weekend scores will be weighted based on number of competitors.
  • You must sail in 51% or more of the above weekends to qualify for the Fleet Champs.
  • You must also be current in your Class & Fleet Dues which is the same ($65) as last year and can be paid online. To renew membership, go to J/105 Class website, link to Membership, and check the box to pay for National and Fleet dues. It's fast and easy, do it now!

(Dave Price has volunteered to be the Fleet 6 official scorekeeper).

Awards Dinner:
Fleet 6 had an end of season Awards Dinner in 2018 that was well attended ... there was a proposal and unanimous vote to bring it back in 2020. It will likely be the first or second full weekend in November, either a Saturday evening dinner or possible Sunday afternoon brunch, TBD. If you have a preference please let me know. Details TBD, so stay tuned.

Regatta Clinics:
Last year several boats participated in a "regatta clinic" which earned great reviews! There was discussion and a decision at the meeting to do it again. Paul Beaudin will be leading this initiative and is looking to do 2 regatta clinics - one near City Island, and the other in or near Huntington Bay.
These will be instructional clinics designed to improve all aspects of racing skills specific to J/105's, followed by a Fleet 6 social event (beer, etc.) More info (including dates in June) is forthcoming on these so again, stay tuned.

New Class Rules:
The most significant new class rule is that the max weight crew went from 1045 to 1100 lbs.

J/105 NA's 2022:
Reminder, the J/105 2022 North American Championships will be on our home waters, hosted by American YC. Much more to follow here.

Weight Certificates:
There are boats in the Fleet that need to be weighed to be legal, and some that want to be weighed just to know, so we have requested the class scale be sent to Fleet 6. It will arrive in late March after the Mid-Winters. It will be on City Island but can easily be transported. Let me know who wants to have their boat weighed, we will try to arrange for efficiency of use by weighing several at a time. It would be best to do this in Spring during launch season.

Social Media:
Keep in mind we have an active Fleet 6 Facebook page, open to all for posting, as well as a J/105 Fleet 6 Owners Group.

That's all I got for now. I encourage you all to be involved and engaged, on the water and off. If you have suggestions of ways to enhance the J/105 Fleet 6 experience, do not hesitate to contact me.

Until then, I remain your J/105 pal and Fleet 6 Captain,

Thom Hering

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