J-105 Fleet 6 Annual Meeting – 2/1

Greetings Fellow J-105'ers, and Happy New Year,

We are planning now for the 2021 sailing season !
The Fleet 6 Annual Meeting, usually takes place during the first week in February. This year we will use Zoom for our annual meeting which will be:
Monday, February 1, 7:30pm.



1. Nominations and election of Fleet Officers.

2. Proposed Regatta Schedule:

Below is the proposed schedule:

  • 4/24-25 - AYC Spring
  • 5/1-2 -    AYC Spring
  • 5/15-16 - Race for the Case, Lloyd Harbor YC
  • 6/5-6 -    CPYC One-Design Regatta
  • 6/21-25 - Block Island Race Week (not counted toward Fleet Championships)
  • 7/17-18 - Larchmont Race Week (2nd weekend only)
  • 9/18-19 - LI Sound Champs, STC/Riverside YC
  • 9/25-26 - AYC Fall
  • 10/2-3   - AYC Fall

3. J/105 Regatta Clinic - 5/22

There will be a J-105 clinic at Baron's Boatyard / Doyle Sails.  Specifics TBD but will likely include: dockside tuning, chalk talk, sail handling drills, switch boats, switch crews, and a social (beer) at end of day.  Paul B will talk more about it during the meeting.

4. Weight Certificates:

There are boats in the Fleet that need to be weighed to be legal, and some that want to be weighed just to know, so we have requested the class scale be sent to Fleet 6.  It will be on City Island but can easily be transported.  Let me know who wants to have their boat weighed, we will try to arrange for efficiency of use by weighing several at a time.  It would be best to do this in Spring during launch season.

5. Social Media:

Keep in mind we have an active Fleet 6 Facebook page, open to all to follow and for posting, as well as a J/105 Fleet 6 Owners Group.

6. We also have our own Fleet 6 website, which we will get updated soon after the official 2021 schedule is set. Thank you, Max, (Fleet 6 Digital Captain) for keeping it current.

Just as an FYI and to help you get in the proper frame of mind, here is a link to the most recent J-105 class national newsletter:


That's all I have for now, if you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss during the meeting, please email them to me and I will add them to the agenda.

Hope to see you on 2/1 @ 7:30pm.


Thom Hering

Fleet 6 Captain


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