Fleet 6 Feb 1 Annual Meeting Recap

Greetings Fellow J-105'ers,

We had a productive Zoom Fleet 6 meeting on 2/1, thank you for all those who attended and participated.

Below is a meeting recap:

Regatta Schedule:

Below is the 2021 Fleet 6 Regatta schedule.  Please note the dates in highlight are official regattas that count towards the Fleet Championship.  The other regattas are popular regattas worthy of consideration.

  • 4/24-25 - AYC Spring
  • 5/1-2 -    AYC Spring
  • 5/15 - *J-105 Regatta Clinic
  • 5/22-23 - Race for the Case, Lloyd Harbor YC
  • 6/5-6 -    Cedar Pt. YC One-Design Regatta
  • 6/21-25 - Block Island Race Week
  • 7/10-11 - Larchmont Race Week (1st weekend only)
  • 7/17-18 - Red Grant Regatta (N.J.)
  • 7/29-8/1 - Around Long Island Race - Sea Cliff YC
  • 8/6-7-8 - Shelter Island Race Week
  • 9/18-19 - LI Sound Champs, STC/Riverside YC
  • 9/25-26 - AYC Fall
  • 10/2-3   - AYC Fall
  • 10/16-17 - J-105 Last Blast Regatta (Western Venue TBD)


Even if you are not 100% certain you will be attending, let fellow Fleet members know you are considering it.  It does not cost you anything and it attracts other sailors.

*J/105 Regatta Clinic - 5/15

There will be a J-105 clinic at Baron's Boatyard / Doyle Sails.  Specifics TBD but will include: dockside tuning, chalk talk, sail handling drills, switch boats, switch crews, and a social (beer) at end of day.  For more info, email Paul Beaudin.

Fleet Championship Scoring:

Our scoring system is designed to encourage as many boats as possible to participate.

- To qualify you must sail in at least 50% of the official Fleet 6 regattas

- If you sail more than 50% of regattas, your best 50% of scores will be counted

- American YC Regattas, because they are 2 weekends each, will be weighted as double

- Cox Sprague will be used

- Dave Price is the official scorer.

Weight Certificates:

There are boats in the Fleet that need to be weighed to be legal, and some that want to be weighed just to know, so we have the class scale.  It will be on City Island but can easily be transported.  Let me know who wants to have their boat weighed, we will try to arrange for efficiency of use by weighing several at a time.  It would be best to do this in Spring during launch season.

Class Dues & Fleet Dues:

I strongly encourage you to pay your Class dues, $75, on the J-105 Class website.

You also should pay your Fleet 6 dues ($65).

In order to compete in Class regattas you need to be paid up.

If you are renewing your Class membership you should be able to also pay your Fleet 6 dues online.

If you cannot renew online then mail your check to our Treasurer:

Richie Palmer

PO Box 8508
Pelham, NY. 10803

(You may want to send him an email to know it's coming.)

Several boats paid their Fleet dues in 2020 and basically received nothing for it, so it was agreed their 2021 Fleet dues would be waived.  Those skippers include: Max Kalehoff, Jim Reichel. Joe Scarpulla and Frank Latawiec.

Everyone else must ante up.

2021 Fleet 6 Rules:

Just a reminder that fleet 6 regattas are designated as Level 2 under J/105 class rule 3.4, and Level A under J/105 class rule 3.6 unless otherwise noted in the NOR.  This has been in place for many years without issue, but we still discussed it briefly and all agreed to continue them.

For a quick read and simplicity below are the 2 relevant applications here, but for those who want to drill down more into the details, I have included an addendum at the end of this email.

    "Junior Rule" - This is intended to create incentives and encourage juniors to  sail on J-105's.

Class rules state the max crew weight is 1,100 lbs.  The "Junior Rule" allows an additional weight allowance of 150 lbs for up to 2 Junior sailors that are under 15 yrs old.

"Cat 2-A Rule" - Per our Class rules, only Class members that are owners, immediate family members or "long term shipmates" can drive in Class regattas.  (It is difficult to define "long term shipmates".)  Fleet 6 is again allowing owners to designate another driver of their boat, as long as that person is an amateur (A), thus providing the opportunity for more boats to be on the line.

It is important to understand the spirit of this rule is Not to have a "ringer" drive your boat ... it is to encourage participation and fleet building for the good of the fleet, the Class and the sport.


Final item on the agenda addressed Fleet 6 officers.

Nominations were open.  The current slate all agreed to stay on if the fleet was in agreement, which they were.

Below are your Fleet 6 officers:

Fleet Captain: Thom Hering, Trifecta

Fleet Treasurer: Richie Palmer, Tolo

Fleet Measurer: Josh Burack, Peregrina

Class Past President: Paul Beaudin, loulou

Website/Social/Communications: Max Kalehoff Kalehoff, LauraBea

I encourage anyone who has input regarding Fleet building and participation to not hesitate to send me your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you again for all who attended and participated, any questions LMK, very much looking forward to seeing many of you on the water this season!

Stay well,

Thom Hering

Fleet Captain


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